©DanielJDockeray non of theirs images will be reproduced or used without my consent. 


1. TERMS. 30 days net from date of invoice. Refusal to pay within 60 days will result in cancellation of ongoing photographic services. 

2. INTEREST CHARGE ON OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT. Due to high interest charges a credit charge of 2% per month will be made if this invoice is not paid by the due date. The Photographer reserves the rights to vary the rate of interest charge. 

3.RETENTION OF TITLE. All goods and service/materials/rights/license/imageswill remain the property of the Photographer until the invoice has been paid in full and the customer shall remain a bailee only until payment is made. The Photographer reserves the right to use any images produced as a part of his portfolio or to resell at a later date for stock purposes. 

4. COMPLAINTS. Any complaint by the customer relating to this invoice must be notified by the customer to the photographer in writing within 14 working days of the date of this invoice. 

5. FEE UPDATES. including day rates and half day rates, delivery fees and any other costs to client will be emailed to the agency one month before the come into effect. These will be in line with inflation and rises in material/service costs. 

6. QUOTE VALIDITY. 60 days nett from date of quote.